Qualcomm Snapdragon 875 scores higher than predecessor in benchmarks

Qualcomm is set to unleash its latest flagship chipset. The Snapdragon 875 series will be the successor to last year’s Snapdragon 865. And we will mostly see flagship phones running on the processor from next year onwards. But we already have a good idea about the performance capability of the upcoming chipset. Qualcomm, it seems, has already benchmarked the processor and the results give us expected results.

As you might have predicted, the flagship processor will perform 25 percent faster than Snapdragon 865. And because of this, the processor scored a whopping 847,868 on Antutu benchmarks. Which is miles ahead of the competition, including the iPhones. As this report here tells us, the iPhone 12 with A14 Bionic got 660,000. While Kirin and Exynos scored 696,000 and 693,000 respectively.

Most importantly, compared to the benchmark scores of Snapdragon 865 from last year, the difference is staggering. This is why we’re eager to see if the synthetic benchmark results advocate for Qualcomm and its latest chipset. Because if it does, we’ll have quite the competition in our hands.

The real-time performance also depends on how the software manages to integrate with the hardware. And as we have seen before, Apple and probably Google do it the best in the industry. The likes of Xiaomi, OnePlus, and Realme will be using the flagship chipset as well. So, it’ll be interesting to see how that pans out for the chipset maker.

Qualcomm variant of Realme C15 launched in India

Realme bombards the Indian smartphone space like no other brand and its efforts can be seen with the latest Realme C15 Qualcomm Edition. The C15 launched a couple of months ago as a feature-rich affordable smartphone running on a MediaTek chip. Now, Realme has introduced the Qualcomm Edition as an additional variant of the same. What’s the difference, you ask? As suggestive it gets, the Qualcomm Edition gets a Snapdragon 460 instead of the original’s MediaTek Helio G35.

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