PUBG Mobile India to retain all previous player stats, in-game purchases from global version

PUBG Mobile is coming back in a slightly refreshed avatar to India and loyal fans of the game, like me, couldn’t be happier. The game will comply with Indian regulations and bring a few changes to make the experience more localized for the Indian players. While there’s not a concrete date for the game’s release, there are reports coming in from various sources that players will retain their game saves from the global version.

If the recent report from InsideReport is to be believed, PUBG Mobile India will give Indian players their player IDs back from the global version, i.e. PUBG Mobile. Hence, if you purchased any sort of in-game items, such as skin, dress, weapons, or a royale pass, those items will be restored as soon as you log into the Indian version. A report shows a demo video showing the transfer of the account from the global version to the Indian version.

PUBG Mobile India to give back all previous in-game purchases


If this report is remotely true, the development could be of big help to players of PUBG Mobile India. PUBG Mobile was around for over two years and got a lot of players invested in the game. From skins to passes to special items, PUBG Mobile offered a lot of customized experiences for players at certain prices. While these items made the player’s character distinct, they did not give them an unfair advantage over others.

As for PUBG Mobile India, the game will essentially be the same but bring along a few tweaks to suit its Indian audiences. For starters, the game will begin with fully clothed characters and tone down the violent elements, possibly in order to better suit younger players. Additionally, players will see special in-game content with Indian themes.

PUBG Mobile India, however, is said to not migrate the banned accounts from the global version of the game. Those accounts that got banned for 10 years will need to create new accounts with new IDs in order to play the game. This, in a way, is a boon for players given that they can start fresh. That said, we can expect the game to retain strong anti-cheat enforcements to ensure a fair gaming experience.


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