Zoom starts rolling out end-to-end encryption, coming soon on iOS

Zoom is adding much needed security feature to its platform for all users this week. The video conferencing platform has made a big impact across the globe this year. Because of the pandemic, everyone was relying on work from home, and even virtual meetings. And lack of options meant Zoom was there to grab the opportunity. But even then, people weren’t convinced about its security measures. Especially when it didn’t offer any major level of encryption.

Finally, that is now on offer. Zoom gets end-to-end encryption (E2E). Something that most other platforms in its segment offer by now. So, it’s good to see Zoom bring it as well. However, not everyone is getting it right away. The feature, turned off by default is available for desktop, Mac, and Android users. While the company waits for Apple App Store approval to release on iOS.

Starting next week, E2E standard will be part of the technical preview, as confirmed by Zoom in a post. This means, for the first month, the company wants valuable feedback from users, allowing them to iron out any issues with the feature. Post that, both free and paid Zoom users can enable E2E on a video call with maximum of 200 participants. The company also confirms that it is using the same E2E standard that is already available with Zoom meetings. It also assures the encrypted keys are relayed through the servers but they don’t have the power to decrypt them.

Meanwhile, Zoom has also brought the virtual background feature to its mobile app. This addition is part of the Zoom Android app version 5.3, available for all users now. This feature became popular with web users, especially since people working from home could change their video background. And not show the real-life settings or hide their whereabouts in general. Having said that, the Android app comes with minor differences compared to the web platform. On mobile, you can only choose still images as the background.

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