Xiaomi files patent for bunny ears pop-up selfie camera

Xiaomi could make phones with a unique pop-up camera setup in the future. The brand has filed patent for system and as given in this report,  cameras come in the shape of bunny ears. The unit will pack camera sensor both at the front and back. And as you can see in the image below, this helps the brand to avoid using multiple cameras modules on the phone. This way, Xiaomi can free up the screen space without using a notch or punch hole design. And at the back, manage to offer a unified design experience.


Xiaomi has a habit of applying for patents of strange designs. And the bunny ears is the latest in its collection. This design setup might work for the cameras at the front. But we’re not sure if the back cameras will get powerful sensors, especially if they want to add more than two of them.

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Pop-up cameras in general were tried out by few brands last year. But it’s safe to say none of them felt the benefit of using it. Which is why we have mostly seen phones with notch or punch hole for selfie cameras this year. Will Xiaomi ever manage to pull the bunny out of the hat? Considering this is just a patent filing, we’re not even sure if the brand sees the feature as part of its future product road map. And while companies regularly file for technology patents, sometimes they do just so that its rival doesn’t. So, the bunny ears could be a case on either side.

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source https://www.bgr.in/news/xiaomi-file-patent-bunny-ears-pop-up-camera-phone-more-913745/

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