The Samsung Wireless Charger Trio can charge your phone, earbuds and watch, all at once

If you’re big on wireless charging and power, chances are you’re using one of the high-end Samsung S series or Note series devices that have come up in recent years. Well, you might have thereafter also purchased a pair of Samsung’s wearables to maintain some ecosystem consistency. What’s next? Perhaps you bought a wearable straight out of the Samsung Galaxy Watch lineup. Well, all these three devices support wireless charging, but now, the brand is rolling out a new device that can charge all three things at once.

Enter the Samsung Wireless Charger Trio, a single charging mat divided into three sections, capable of charging your smartphone, wearable, and earbuds case, all at once. While Samsung didn’t reveal much about the product, the brand’s website in Germany and Korea have the Trio listed already.

Samsung Wireless Charger Trio specifications

Thanks to a report by GSMarena, we now have more details on the Samsung Wireless Charger Trio. The device comes with six charging coils and can fast charge Samsung phones at up to 9W. It will support other Qi-based charging devices at 5W and Apple products can be charged at 7.5W. The Trio also features LED indicators to let users get more insight into charging information.

The dimensions of the Samsung Wireless Charger Trio are 240 x 86 x 15.5 mm and it weighs 320 grams. The product is available in two color variants – black and white. It will support all of Samsung’s new flagship devices as well as phones as old as the Galaxy S6. The Galaxy Buds Plus and Galaxy Buds Live are supported on the earbuds part, and all Galaxy Watch wearables are supported on the watch part of the Trio.

As per the listings, the Samsung Wireless Charger Trio can wireless charge phones with cases up to 3mm in thickness. If however, the case causes the charging apparatus to heat up, it will automatically lower the wattage and charge the phone slower. The product might eventually come to other countries including India. However, there is no timeline on the same as of now.


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