Spotify new features include Karaoke Mode, improved Group sessions and new Car Mode

Spotify is on a roll lately and is bringing in some new features. The music-streaming service has been continuously updating its plans and features lately and now we have some more interesting features. The new information comes from Jane Wong via a report by Android Police. It includes the upcoming Karaoke Mode, improved group sessions, and more.

Spotify Karaoke Mode

Karaoke Mode is one of the big features coming to Spotify. It works like any Karaoke service. Users will now be able to display synced lyrics and adjust the volume of just the vocals on a track. This will allow them to sing along to the music of their favorite songs.

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Improved Spotify Group Sessions

Spotify Group Sessions is being improved so users can connect their device in use to audio devices like speakers c0onnected on the same Wi-Fi network. Group sessions already allow you to share your playlist and its control with your friends and family. This feature currently only works in beta for Spotify Premium members. However, it is set to come to free users later.

Revamped Car Mode

Spotify is also bringing in new features to the Car Mode. There will be a newly revamped home screen for the app when users switch to Car Mode. This will show larger imagery and a redesigned navigation bar. There will be a banner on top of the screen that will inform users that Google Assistant can be used to control playback. Meanwhile, listening to a track now also shows a refreshed Now Playing design with bigger, round buttons and quick access to shuffling and voice control.

Other tweaks are also being worked on. Free users will now be allowed to listen to offline songs for the first time, but only for 30 minutes per day. There is also a new playlist option called Auto-Refresh. This lets the playlist adapt automatically while users manually add songs. There are also new animations for liked songs being developed, along with improvements to the Spotify Podcasts section.


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