Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2’s multitasking capabilities revealed

Having made a rapid entry into the foldable smartphone industry with the Galaxy Fold, which it launched in 2019, Samsung showed us that it is ambitious in the sector by introducing the Galaxy Z Flip in the future. The South Korean company, which managed to attract attention with both phones, recently showed its newest foldable phone, Galaxy Z Fold 2, for the first time at the UNPACKED event held recently.

Samsung did not fully show the features and price of its new foldable phone, which it claims to be stronger and more capable, at this event and pointed to the second launch on September 1. Now, a first preview video has been released showing the multitasking capabilities of the device.

Multitasking capabilities of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2

YouTuber Jimmy Is Promo has shared a video of the Samsung Galaxy Z Folder 2 multitasking capabilities and its Flex Mode. As revealed in the video, the smartphone, which offers a 7.7-inch Infinity Flex foldable Dynamic AMOLED panel on the front, is possible to perform several operations at the same time by splitting it into multiple screens.

At this point, Galaxy Z Fold 2 offers users the opportunity to perform several different operations at the same time by dividing the screen vertically or horizontally in half. However, for those who think that the two screens are not enough. The device has an option to work on 3 different partitions by dividing a separate screen again.

As mentioned before, Samsung will announce its new generation foldable phone with all the details at the launch on September 1. However, before that, the foldable phone was available for pre-order in the UK. It was listed with a price tag of 1,799 pounds (around Rs. 1,76,000). This means that the new phone will be available for a price close to the previous first-gen Samsung Galaxy Fold.


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