PUBG Mobile: Grandson uses Rs 2.3 lakh for in-game purchases

PUBG Mobile has been the center of news for the last couple of days now. We have reported the news about the Government of India banning the app in India to the gaming still working. In addition, we also saw the reports regarding PUBG Corp parting ways from Tencent for distribution in India. As per the latest information available, the company is looking out for a new distribution partner in India. However, beyond the usual news, the game has also been popular for several not so ideal reasons. Now, we saw a grandson use Rs 2.3 lakh from his grandfather’s pension account for in-game purchases. Here is everything we know about the latest report round in-game purchases on PUBG Mobile.

PUBG Mobile; grandson spends without permission, details

As per Indian Express, a PUBG Mobile user spent a large amount from the pension account of his grandfather on in-game items. The 65-year old retired BSNL employee received a message in May that his account only had Rs 275 left. He immediately filed a complaint with the police and the Cyber Cell for the North district. The case transferred to Cyber Cell this month and the investigation found that his 15-year old grandson was behind it. The culprit transferred about Rs 2,34,497 from the pension account to a Paytm account between March 7 and May 8.

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According to the report, Anton Alphonse, the DCP for North district issued a statement. Alphonse noted, “The complainant said he received a message on his phone from the bank on May 8.” The investigation noted that the bank sent OTP messages to the 65-year old, but he did not find any OTP message while checking. This means that the grandson deleted all the OTP and bank messages to hide the theft.

Cyber Cell tracked the Paytm account to a 23-year old who directed them to the culprit. The kid revealed that he used his grandfather’s debit card to get in-game items. This report also noted that he also reached an “ace level” rank in the game before the government banned the game.


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