OnePlus Buds app likely to support other Android phones soon

OnePlus launched its true wireless earbuds called the Buds few months back. Multiple reviews found them to be affordable and offering decent quality for the price. But like most branded audio gear, the Buds also worked seamlessly with OnePlus phones. And if you owned a phone from any other brand, your feature settings were limited to a large extent. But according to new details shared by OnePlus, that will not be an issue in the near future.

The brand has decided to roll out OnePlus Buds app for non-OnePlus Android phones as well. This update was shared via a OnePlus Q&A session that took place this week. Having said that, OnePlus has not shared a concrete timeline for this wider release of the app. So, we’ll probably suggest you to wait for the brand to officially confirm this development. Either ways, the stuff shared in such Q&A sessions usually translate into tangible results, and we’re hoping OnePlus decides to do the right thing.

After all, OnePlus Buds was launched not just because the brand wanted its loyal phone users to get one. But the company is also looking to expand its business base beyond phones. And with the demand for wireless earbuds at an all time high, this was always going to be the right move from them.

OnePlus Buds Z for budget segment to launch soon

The new set of true wireless earphones from OnePlus is expected to launch alongside the OnePlus 8T phone. The Chinese company took the wraps off its first-ever TWS a few months back, and now it is reportedly set to launch OnePlus Buds Z. If rumors are to be believed, the new audio product from OnePlus will be a more affordable offering as devices with ‘Z’ in the name are the cheaper version. So, going by the market trend, we expect the Buds Z to cost under Rs 2,000.


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