FAU-G is India’s answer to PUBG Mobile ban, an action game inspired by the Army

If you spend a majority of your day on PUBG Mobile, this isn’t a nice time for you. The government’s recent ban on the mobile game has left many players looking for an equally good alternative. Surely, you can check out our list of all the PUBG Mobile alternatives you can play for free. An Indian developer has, however, come up with a way to cash-in on the opportunity. Choosing Bollywood superstar Akshay Kumar as its brand ambassador, nCore Games has come with FAU-G.

Yes, India’s answer to PUBG Mobile is FAU-G. There’s no doubt the developers wanted the game to ring bells with PUBG Mobile loyalists. Akshay Kumar is his recent Twitter post says this is an action game focused on providing entertainment to players. Apart from that, it will also preach about the sacrifices of our armed forces. In case you were wondering what FAU-G stands for, it means “Fearless And United-Guards”.

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However, unlike PUBG Mobile, the proceeds for FAU-G will be directed for noble causes. Akshay Kumar says that 20 percent of the game’s revenues will be directed to the Bharat Ke Veer trust. Hence, if you make any purchase in-game, part of your payment will help the government’s soldiers trust.

Before you get too excited, do know that the game is in the development stage and there’s no definitive launch date as of now. Moreover, the developer hasn’t stated which platforms will the game be available on. It seems that it will launch initially on Android and then move to iOS. There’s no hint on the gameplay details, graphics and compatibility yet.

FAU-G and other PUBG Mobile alternatives

While FAU-G is one upcoming alternative to PUBG Mobile, there are already a few games available to pick for free. Activision’s Call of Duty Mobile is available on Android and iOS as a free to download game. CODM is similar to PUBG Mobile in terms of gameplay but brings superior graphics as well as additional maps to host a variety of matches.

Similarly, there’s Garena FreeFire available as an alternative to PUBG Mobile. FreeFire has similar gameplay modes and events with several in-game items available for purchase. If you are on Android, you can download Fortnite from its website. Despite getting banned by Google, Fortnite continues to be a popular alternative to PUBG Mobile with an interactive gameplay concept involving building structures. Fortnite isn’t available on iOS due to the recent feud between developer Epic Games and Apple.

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