YouTube tests picture-in-picture feature on iPhone and iPad

YouTube has begun testing a picture-in-picture (PiP) mode in iPhones and iPads. For those unfamiliar with the term, the feature allows videos to continue playing in a window even when the application is closed to perform other tasks on the device simultaneously.

According to some Twitter users, the YouTube picture-in-picture for iOS and iPadOS seems to be gradually available with the latest version of the application. However, other reports have reported that the feature is working on only a few videos. Platform developer Daniel Yount posted a video on Twitter showing the feature in action. However, he reveals that it only worked with the live stream videos he was watching at the time. “Picture-in-picture working on iPadOS with the YouTube app. (But only worked with this live stream, there must be some codec trickery happening behind the scenes for certain playback scenarios),” wrote Yount.

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It is worth noting that YouTube limits background playback for YouTube Premium subscribers. Therefore, the application’s picture-in-picture will restrict to users who pay to enjoy the platform’s premium features. Judging by the selective availability of the feature. YouTube seems to be testing the picture-in-picture for a definitive release along with the official arrival of iOS 14, which is still in its beta version.

Another feature that YouTube is preparing for iOS 14 is the possibility of watching 4K HDR videos in its application since the new Apple system will finally have support for VP9. VP9 is a Google encoder that allows streaming HD videos, Full HD, and even 4K, without compromising the internet connection.

How to use PiP mode from your iPhone now

As a fun fact, a simple “trick” for using YouTube with PiP mode on iPadOS or iOS has been known for a long time. We will simply have to access the web version of YouTube instead of with the application. It will not be necessary to pay the YouTube Premium subscription. And we can do it both from Safari and Chrome. Once we play the video, we will see that the icon appears that allows us to activate PiP, and continue to see it in a floating window.


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