WhatsApp: Advanced Search, Rooms and new icons coming soon

WhatsApp has regularly updated the software and introduced new features to keep users engaged. In the last update the Facebook owned chat application introduced Animated Stickers and QR codes to iOS devices. Following this Dark mode was introduced for WhatsApp Web and the desktop app. KaiOS users saw improved video call quality as well as disappearing status. And now in a new update the devs are introducing a few new features for Android. Do keep in mind that these are currently added in the beta version of the game.

WhatsApp: Additions for Android

Animated Stickers is the first new introduction for Android, although it has been introduced on iOS a while back. Animated stickers have been available on other chatting apps for a while now. This provides another dimension to the chatting experience of the app.

The other new introduction for Android is the support for QR codes. This was added to iOS already and will now make its way to Android soon. Users will be able to send over their QR code to add them to WhatsApp. People won’t need to bother with phone numbers anymore.

Other features

One of the other things being introduced is Advanced search which was being tested up until recently. It is now being introduced for Android beta testers and will replace the present search option. This brings the ability to search for specific type of message like GIF, text, picture, documents as well as audio.

Last but not the least, the other feature being added is Rooms. This is WhatsApp’s answer to video conferencing apps. This will let users create rooms where 50 people can join and chat at the same time. The Messenger Rooms options has been added in the attachment section of the app. This can be availed by tapping the attachment pin button inside a chat. Do not that this will redirect to Facebook Messenger.

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