TikTok India VP of Marketing Rohan Tyagi moves to Triller after other executives walkout

TikTok is witnessing an official ban by the Government of India since a few weeks now. While the fate of its employees is in the hands of the company’s efforts to convince the government, one of its senior executives has moved out. Rohan Tyagi, who dispersed his services as the VP of Marketing at Bytedance India, has moved to Triller. Triller is a US-based photo and video sharing app coming in as the rival to TikTok.

Tyagi’s move to Triller comes at a time when there’s uncertainty over seeing TikTok working once again. To recall, TikTok was part of the 59 banned apps after the Indian government had a fallout with the Chinese administration. Since June 29, TikTok has remained inactive and the app is no longer available to download. Publisher Bytedance is currently working on to convince the government of its intentions to operate in a fair manner.

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Rohan Tyagi joined TikTok as the VP of Marketing almost a year ago. Prior to his stint with TikTok, he was associated with Zee Media Corporation, ABP News and Gartner. Triller came up as a new platform rivalling TikTok based out of the US. Tyagi’s move to Triller at the current time raises speculations over TikTok’s survival in India for the foreseeable future.

BGR India reached out to TikTok for a statement but we are yet to get an official response over the matter. Additionally, neither Tyagi nor Triller have given out any statement regarding the former’s intention behind the move.

Will TikTok survive in India?

Tyagi isn’t the only one leaving Bytedance. The Chinese company is struggling to retain most of its top-level executives after the controversy happened. Rohan Mishra, who oversaw ByteDance-owned Helo app’s operations in India, has also left the company along with another policy head.

At the moment, Bytedance is reportedly approaching Reliance Industries Limited (RIL) for backing its India business. Reports suggest talks have been underway for Reliance to back its operations in India and save jobs. Bytedance currently employs almost 2,000 employees in India. Sources say TikTok’s business in India is valued at $3 million.

Internationally, Bytedance is in talks with Microsoft to sell a portion of its operations in the US. Similar to India, the US administration led by Donald Trump banned TikTok and WeChat in the States since August 6.

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