Samsung jumps back to 2nd spot behind Xiaomi in India

The smartphone market in India saw a steep shipment decline in Q2 this year as per IDC report. In total, 18.2 million units were shipped during the period. Xiaomi continues to lead the segment, while there was a switch in positions between Samsung and Vivo. The South Korean brand managed to record higher shipments in Q2, pushing them to the second spot. Vivo came third, followed by Realme and Oppo.

The drop in the shipment was expected due to the pandemic. Samsung benefitted from its local production setup. Even then Xiaomi shipped around 5.4 million units, Samsung got 4.8 million units, Vivo managed to ship just 3.2 million units. Realme also reported 1.78 million units shipped into the country. But the biggest gainer from the past quarter has been Samsung, at the expense of Vivo. Now one needs to see if the Chinese brands suffer owing to any backlash because of the heightened tension between India and China.

In terms of buyer trends, IDC pointed out the demand saw an uptick post-lockdown, with low-end and mid-range segment catching the eye of consumers. Spending on mobile has come down since the early part of March, but analysts are hopeful Q3 will be better.

This change totally depends on how mobile brands manage their production cycles, which has suffered because of lack of manpower. So, while there is demand for phones, according to IDC, phone brands need to balance the demand and supply equation.

Samsung adds new Galaxy phones to lineup

Samsung has refreshed its lineup with new Galaxy M phones and likely to add in other segments. Xiaomi has also gone with a similar approach, launching new products. Even with the demand for vocal for local in the country, the mobile segment seems to have been unaffected by the outcry. And brands will be hoping that continues to be the case with the festive period fast approaching.


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