Qualcomm Snapdragon 875 chip could launch in multiple variants, suggests leak

Qualcomm’s next flagship chipset, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 875 will reportedly have multiple versions. These versions could be possible ‘Lite’ variants of the upcoming flagship 875 chipset. The leak that provides the information on the new Snapdragon chipsets also mentions the Snapdragon 960 SoC. The leak comes from Digital Chat Station and also mentions the presence of two Oppo executives Liu Bo and Li Zi Gui at the meeting. There was also Liu Zuohu whom we all know as OnePlus CEO Pete Lau.

Why multiple Snapdragon 875 variants make sense

Some time ago it was revealed that the upcoming Snapdragon 875 chipset would come with a pretty big price hike over the Snapdragon 865 from 2020. The big price bump comes from the inclusion of the bundled 5G-enabling modules. We also saw this with the Snapdragon 865, which costed a lot more than the Snapdragon 855 did in 2019. This resulted in the price of 2020 flagships soaring much higher than people expected, butting them out of reach for many buyers who could have otherwise afforded these phones at SD 855-like prices.

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With prices set to go higher next year, the multiple variants of the Snapdragon 875 will make a lot of sense for users. Power users who want the best of performance will be able to purchase the top variant, while those with more modest needs will not have to pay as much for a cheaper variant of the chipset. Since the new chipsets are still in the 800 series, we can still expect them to perform at flagship speeds. Areas, where they may be toned down, might include GPU performance and 5G capabilities.

Should Qualcomm stick to its usual schedules, we should see the next flagship chipset, likely the Snapdragon 875 at the end of this year. That doesn’t leave the US-based company a lot of time to develop a bunch of new processors. It remains to be seen if the rumored Snapdragon 875 ‘Lite’ and Snapdragon 865 Plus end up being different chipsets after all, and if so, then how different.

source https://www.bgr.in/news/qualcomm-snapdragon-875-chip-could-launch-in-multiple-variants-suggests-leak-907646/

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