PUBG Mobile brings support for 90fps gameplay on OnePlus phones

PUBG Mobile has been offering some of the best gaming experiences on the mobile platform. But this was still limited to 60fps gameplay even if you had a smartphone which had hardware capable of better. But the Chinese version of the game which is called Game for Peace did offer higher fps but that was limited to Mainland China, Japan, and Korea. And now Tencent Games is finally introducing the 90fps mode for the global version of PUBG Mobile. But it will be exclusive to OnePlus smartphones for the first month.

PUBG Mobile announced that the 90fps mode will be available on OnePlus 8 Pro, 8, 7T Pro, 7T, and 7 Pro. This will be exclusive to the OnePlus smartphones from August 6 to September 6. Following this period it will be available on all the other devices. It is not clear if there will be visual limitations to this mode.

PUBG Mobile recently unveiled a new Ancient Secret Mode update, bringing players all-new in-game events and exclusive rewards. Similarly, fresh content arrives in the form of the new Arena gameplay – Team Gun Game and Library map in the hit Arena playlist.

PUBG Mobile: Anicent Secret Special Mode

The new Ancient Secret themed gameplay mode is now available. Players who activate the new mode can observe and explore an ominous “Ancient Secret” building rising on Miramar and Erangel. This massive two-story structure begins each game at ground-level, but then begins to float and follow the play circle.

In addtion to the ancient structure, players can experience the following features through the new game mode:

– New Boss Battle – A secretive boss awaits in a sealed room on the second floor of the structure, hiding rich rewards for players that defeat it in combat

– Small Ruins Environment – Players can traverse small ruins that spawn randomly throughout the map, concealing crates and puzzles

– Slate puzzle – Players can now test their merit with a new interactive Ancient Slate puzzle.


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