OnePlus won’t bring these performance features to older phones

OnePlus tends to promise software updates for multiple years. It also says some feature improvements will be offered via future updates. But this week, a new report has pointed out the company has some bad news for existing OnePlus users. According to folks at XDA Developer, the company has shared detailed update timeline for those with OnePlus 3 to 6T. And it has mentioned that some performance boosting features will not come to older phones.

The report clearly mentions that OnePlus 3 and 3T will not be getting the caller identification feature. This India-exclusive option came with the OnePlus 6 series, and we expected it will come to others as well. But turns out, the company isn’t going to bring it to the 3 series users. The report says the company pointed out the 3 series maintenance period is over. And the last update for the devices rolled out in 2019.

Coming to those with 5 or 5T, OnePlus has confirmed that RAM boost feature won’t be offered for these devices. When quizzed about the reason for this decision, the company said the 5 series doesn’t have compatible hardware to support this improvement. RAM boost basically makes sure the memory management on the phone is effectively handled. This allows the phone to perform faster.

And finally, you the 6 and 6T from the lineup. For these devices, OnePlus has confirmed DC Dimming won’t be offered. Again, the reason attributed for the omission is lack of hardware compatibility. With this feature, the phone allows right amount of power voltage to pass through the circuit, to makes sure the display brightness is maintained at the right level.

OnePlus Gallery app gets 4K editing feature

OnePlus Gallery is receiving a new update that brings back the ability to edit slow-motion videos on its devices. This capability was removed by the company previously. But, it is now bringing it back for users who like to use the editor within the native app for captured videos.


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