OnePlus unlikely to launch Nord smartphone in China

OnePlus launched the Nord mid-range phone last month. This is the first 5G phone from the brand to be offered in the sub 30K price range. The company has launched the phone in Europe and India but won’t be coming to US. But a new report has come to light that suggest Nord won’t be launching in China as well. Even though the brand hasn’t shared its launch time lines for China, someone from the company might have just done it unofficially.

As given in this report, a development engineer from the brand itself, was quoted sharing this update. He revealed that Nord will not be coming to OnePlus’ home market. It’s very rare that a Chinese brand decides against launching a global product in its native market. But going by this development, it’s possible that OnePlus might want to keep Nord for the non-China markets.

We’re hoping to hear more about this from the company itself in the coming days. And if the report turns out to be true, then consumers in China will probably have to look at alternatives.

OnePlus now working on a smartwatch, could launch soon

The company is now looking to sell smartwatches. In fact, OnePlus is already working on one and it will be called the OnePlus Watch. Thanks to a listing, it seems the smartwatch will launch along with the OnePlus 8T series later in the year. Specifications of the device are still under wraps.

OnePlus has long toyed around with the idea of its own smartwatch. Back in 2016, OnePlus said it was working on a smartwatch and even completed the designs. However, the company backed out at the time probably due to the technological constraints. Same was the case for its wireless charging and water resistance features for its smartphones. All that is changing this year and a smartwatch now make sense.


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