Microsoft Surface Duo battery could last through the day

The whole world is eagerly waiting for the launch of Microsoft Surface Duo. The company’s ambitious product has faced multiple launch delays already. But a new report looks to build the excitement for the product. As per Windows Central, the Duo could offer battery life that will last through the day. Quoting sources, the report suggest, Microsoft is likely to found a way to optimize battery performance of the device.

This development is rather intriguing since Surface Duo is rumored to pack a 3,460mAh battery. And it would have been impossible to expect the device to coast through day’s use with that capacity in tow. But the new report says the dual-display device running Android will meet user needs.

Smartphones these days are easily able to last through the day. You have phones with battery as big as 6,000mAh supporting fast charging technology. Which is why we’re hoping Microsoft does enough to convince buyers to spend on the Surface Duo. More importantly, it entirely depends on how the company decides to price its unique product in the market. Except for the Surface Go, most other hardware from Microsoft are positioned in the premium segment.

Microsoft Surface Duo launch delay

Last month, report claimed the company has delayed the launch of the product. Its source is a tweet from the informant Zac Bowden (@zacbowden), writer for the Windows Central media. The tweet said the brand has pushed back internal plans to launch the device.

Bowden says the device could now make its way to the market sometime later this summer. The report doesn’t give a reason behind the delay but it seems Microsoft wanted to go through few more tests for the software running on the device. Microsoft intended to project the Surface Duo as a smartphone. The device made its public debut last year. And unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic ended up forcing Microsoft to postpone the launch.


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