iPhone 12 could launch on October 12, expected to go on sale from October 19

The iPhone 12 has been in rumours since a few months and there’s a lot we know about it. There are four models this year, adding a new 5.4-inch OLED iPhone as the base model. While the feature set is largely in the unknown, there’s a lot of discussion on the launch timeline. There’s no September launch this year and a probable October launch date is expected. Now, we have a date to pinpoint too, thanks to Jon Prosser.

iPhone 12 series launch dates

Prosser, who has made a name for leaking Apple-related stuff, has come up with some launch dates for the upcoming Apple products. The iPhone 12 is obviously in there sitting with a speculated launch date of October 12. Prosser says that Apple will start taking pre-orders on the same day while shipping will start in the States by October 19. There will be a launch event too, probably similar to what we saw for WWDC this year.

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New Watch and a new iPad

The iPhone 12 isn’t the only product to get a speculated launch date from Prosser. There’s an iPad as well as an Apple Watch launching this year too. However, these devices will launch in September. In fact, both these products will be released without any event on September 7. While the Watch Series 6 is expected with some upgrades, the new iPad model seems still like a mystery. With an iPad Pro already out in early 2020, it seems that Apple might update the base 10-inch iPad.

iPhone 12 Pro coming late 2020

Prosser says the iPhone 12 launch event will unveil all the four models at the October launch event. However, the regular iPhone 12 models will be up for sale earlier than the Pro models. Both the Pro models are said to go on sale sometime in November 2020. This includes both the pre-order and shipping dates.

While Prosser has been quite right with his predictions and leaks, you should take this with a pinch of salt. The launch dates could be subject to change due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Earlier this year, the iPhone SE also saw some delay in its launch due to an affected supply chain system. Hence, Apple could take more time to come up with the new iPhone models.

What’s weirder with this leak is the early launch for the Apple Watch. The Watch is usually unveiled with the new iPhone models every year. Since it is an important product for Apple, it seems weird for Apple not to host any launch event for the new Watch model. Additionally, it is a given that it will ship with WatchOS 7. Therefore, it has to be released after iOS 14 is formally released for all devices. This is unless Apple decides to release iOS 14 in September for existing iPhone models.

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