Intel and MediaTek launch 5G chipset for laptops

Intel and MediaTek partnership is finally bearing fruit with the new 5G chipset. Both the companies joined hands in 2019 to build 5G chipset for laptops, and the first product is ready for roll out. As you might be aware, Intel is not making 5G chipsets anymore. Which is why its partnership with MediaTek was seen as a smart move.

And this partnership is giving us the new MediaTek T700 5G modem. Now that the hardware is ready, Intel will be using its expansive OEM network and getting them to use the processor. We’ve already seen Qualcomm offering its Snapdragon 800 series processors for all-time connected PCs. So, Intel will be hoping to make similar impact with the new MediaTek 5G unit.

Intel to help MediaTek push the 5G modem

MediaTek pointed out that during its tests, the modem was used to make standalone 5G calls, without relying on 4G LTE network. The company also claims the 5G-powered laptops will offer power-efficient performance. This will make sure using 5G speeds over network will not end up draining the battery. MediaTek’s 5G modem for PCs is based on Helio M70 5G modem which the Taiwanese chip maker introduced for smartphones.

We have seen few 5G-powered laptops in the market already but all of them get the Qualcomm chipset. So, Intel will be hoping to convince OEM partners like HP, Dell and Asus to prefer using the new MediaTek chipset instead. But the first wave of devices aren’t expected anytime before early 2021.

5G networks are already being tested in US, parts of Europe and China. And phone makers have already build their lineup to support high-speed connectivity bands. It’s now time for laptop manufacturers to change their mindset towards the new version of connected laptops. After all, these are expected to be a big part of the future for the computing industry.



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