Huawei won’t launch any device with HarmonyOS in 2020: Report

Huawei’s ambition to move away from Android is taking longer than imagined. The company announced its HarmonyOS that was to ship with devices. But according to a new report, those plans aren’t going to work out this year. Back in 2019, when the company shared details about the OS, it talked about phones running the platform in 2020. However, that timeline seems to have shifted to 2021 now.

Huawei is set to host the 2020 edition of its Developer Conference in the coming weeks. And before that, the CEO of Huawei Consumer Business Group shared details about its plans. Quoted in a report here, Richard Yu confirmed Huawei has no plans to release HarmonyOS powered phones this year.

But the company is eager to push ahead using HarmonyOS on smart wearables and PCs as well. Which is why, there’s a hope Huawei will announce smartwatch running on its native OS. Huawei’s decision to postpone use of its OS on mobile is a sensible one. After all, they will find it hard to convince developers to jump ship from Android and make apps for their App store. So, more or less, it seems like the Chinese telecom giant is keeping HarmonyOS as the backup option, in case the situation with Android doesn’t improve.

Huawei seeks MediaTek support for chipsets

MediaTek has requested permission from the US government to supply Huawei with chips for its devices. The US government’s ban on companies for not delivering technology to Huawei was strengthened when it banned foreign foundries from supplying chips created with US technology.

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The result of this move implied that Huawei was unable to source its own Kirin chips. As the world’s leading foundry, TSMC, has stopped accepting new orders from the Chinese company. Fortunately for the company, the US government has an open door to grant temporary licenses for Huawei to do business with certain US companies.


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