Huawei license with US expires, could affect Android updates

Huawei’s year-long license to work with US companies has expired. And reports suggest the company will now face issues offering updates to older Android phones. This development will throw spanner in the company’s plans, as users will feel hard done by lack of support. Huawei was banned from working with US-based companies by the government. The telecom operator was accused of colluding with Chinese regime and sharing data with them.

Android was a critical part of Huawei’s device ecosystem till 2019. But since the ban, the company has rolled out its own version of Android platform for mobile users. However, this version doesn’t support Google-owned apps like YouTube, Gmail and Maps. So the company decided to partner with multiple companies to offer alternatives for these popular apps. They also created AppGallery app store, which is claimed to have over million apps for user.

But for existing Huawei phone users, missing out on software update leaves the devices vulnerable. This could allow hackers to target their devices. There’s no official word on Huawei losing support to Android for older devices. But it’s likely the US government will issue another notification, asking companies to stop working with the telco from now on. US sees Huawei as a ‘national threat’ and has urged other countries to avoid using Huawei gear to build their 5G network. The ban has affected Huawei’s quarterly revenues as well.

Huawei phone manufacturing faces uncertain future

Chinese tech giant Huawei has recently reported that it is running out of SoCs to manufacture smartphones. The company will also have to halt the production of its flagship Kirin processors. Kirin was the company’s go-to chipset for its devices. Huawei is one of the biggest producers of smartphone and connected technologies in the world.

And this is a huge setback for the company. Because like most smartphone companies, it is dependent on American technologies and companies for providing a complete smartphone experience.


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