Google says next Wear OS update will make smartwatches faster

Google hasn’t covered itself in glory with its smartwatch platform. The company has tweaked its strategy multiple times but it still didn’t work out. They have even changed the name to see if that makes a difference. But nothing has proven successful for them. However, that’s not stopping the company from trying its luck once again. According to Google, Wear OS will be getting a new update later this year. With the changes on offer, Google says Wear OS will be able to open apps 20 percent faster than before.

The improvement is likely to happen because of software changes and the use of new Snapdragon 4100 chipset. This was announced earlier this year, and Google is hoping the new hardware works to its advantage. Wear OS smartwatches have failed to excite buyers, something that’s worked like a treat for Apple Watch and the WatchOS.

While these aren’t as expensive as the Apple Watch, the overall issues with WearOS have discouraged buyers from looking at other options. And promising 20 percent faster app startup time is the right way to go about. In addition to that, the new WearOS will also get some UI changes, making it intuitive for the users.

It will also offer easier pairing option for Wear OS devices with mobile phones. Because Android and its ecosystem’s fragmentation, Google has found it hard to find the right experience for all Android users. And we’re hoping the Wear OS finally has the right tools to make Android a success in the smartwatch segment.

Google Wear OS update brings new safety alert

Google has updated Wear OS smartwatches with a handy hand washing timer earlier this year. Wear OS v5.4.0 update receive alerts from the Clock app on their wearables, telling them to wash their hands thoroughly for 40 seconds, reports 9To5Google. The reminder includes a note that tells people to use soap when washing and a hand washing icon is shown on the screen, above a stop button. There is stop button, which looks like a big “X” inside a circle and users who can not wash their hands, or have already washed can simply tap on it to stop the app from counting the seconds left.


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