Google Play Music shutting down this year: Here’s why

Google has confirmed that by October this year, its Play Music service will be shut down. And by end of 2020, YouTube Music will be the de-facto music streaming platform for Android users across the globe. The process has already begun in few countries, with users from New Zealand and South Africa seeing the change from September.

Google had ensured that it will inform users of its streaming platforms long before they lose access to Google Play Music later this year, thus confirming its closure. For now, users of YouTube Music and Google Play Music will be able to access both services. This gives them enough time to transfer their content and get used to the new service.

Google is cutting down on the number of platforms, allowing users to easily choose their default streaming option. It made no sense that you had Play Music and YouTube Music. So, understandably, the company decided to bring all the Play Music features to YouTube Music. In order to ease the transition between the new and the old platform. YouTube Music had introduced a feature that allows transferring the content from Google Play Music in a few steps.

How to transfer music from Google Play Music to YouTube Music

To transfer the music library from Google Play Music to YouTube Music, just follow a series of steps. The first of them is to download the YouTube Music app, which is available for both Android and iOS devices. Once installed, users have to click the button to transfer from the YouTube Music upon opening the application.

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Strangely, the transfer process leaves podcasts out, so the move must be done from another website. However, the process is just as simple, with a single click to move all subscriptions to the Google Podcast platform. The process of moving content from Play Music to YouTube Music can take anywhere from a few seconds to hours. This will depend upon the amount of music in your library. For the rest of the catalog (the 50 million songs on YouTube Music), users will be able to listen to it with ads or opt for a paid membership, which enables background listening, downloads, and removes ads.


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