Google Pixel 5 shows up with detailed specs on AI Benchmark website

Google launched the Pixel 4a a few days back, and it also teased the Pixel 5. This will be Google’s latest flagship phone for 2020. But unlike previous years, the company has taken a different route with the new Pixel phone. The product was spotted on AI Benchmark website this week, which more or less confirms the rumors about the Pixel 5 hardware.

The listing, first spotted by folks at MySmartPrice, suggests the Pixel 5 comes with Snapdragon 765 processor. It also gets 8GB RAM and runs on the latest Android 11 version. Since the phone is going to launch in October, we’re not surprised to see it running the new Android version.

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In addition to this, multiple reports have pointed out the Pixel 5 will sport a 6.7-inch AMOLED display with support for a 120Hz refresh rate. With these features, we’re hoping the Pixel 5 is a significant upgrade on the Pixel 4a. Having said that, we’re already seen the 5G Snapdragon chipset running on the OnePlus Nord which costs Rs 24,999 in India.

Google Pixel 5 rumors

It has been widely reported that phones using Snapdragon 865 cost more because of the hardware costing more. And Google surely must have seen the results available through Snapdragon 765G to prefer this chipset over its flagship brother. So, we’re hoping that Google doesn’t price the Pixel 5 out of contention by putting it closer to the Rs 40K bracket.

Google is likely to offer a single model of Pixel 5 this year. Which means there won’t be any XL model according to the leaks. But the most important update shared by Google is that Pixel 5 will not be coming to India. This was confirmed during the launch of the Pixel 4a, which itself won’t be available in the country before October.


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