Google People Cards feature lets users create virtual visiting cards; India the first market to get it

Google has started rolling out a new feature for its mobile search users in India called People Cards. The feature, which has been testing in the country for a couple of years, allows users to create a visual visiting card of sorts. This feature will help small business owners, influencers, entrepreneurs and the like showcase important information online and be discovered easily

A card will consist of a user’s photo, location and profession. Other information like home town, social media profiles, contact details and education qualifications can also be added. The feature only works on mobile search for now. Only one People Card can be created per account. Google claims spam will be combated through a combination of human review and sophisticated automated systems. The search giant will give users the ability to flag impersonation, abuse and low-quality content.

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People Cards setup process

The setup process is quite simple. Users need to open the Google app on their smartphones and look up their name on Google search. They can also type “Add me to search” in the search bar. This will prompt an option called “get started”, clicking which will open a prompt to verify the phone number linked with the account. After this is successfully done, a form will pop-up where-in the aforementioned details can be filled. Just like the feature itself, the option to create a card also only comes up on mobile.

Explaining why the feature has been launched in India first, Lauren Clark, product manager for search at Google said, “We are always looking for new ways to make search more useful for people, and we found that there were some unique information needs to India that we could help serve first”.“The feature is being launched in India because of the geography’s affinity to search their own names. Also, it will help individuals who are self-employed or running a business of their own”, she added.


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