Apple to use cheap batteries in iPhone 12 5G to cut costs

5G technology will have its cost in the upcoming iPhones, and the result can be perceived in the battery component. The analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, famous for his leaks on Apple products, points out that the company will adopt cheaper battery technology to reduce production costs for the iPhone 12 5G.

The analyst informed TF Securities investors that the company could reduce the number of layers that make up the battery and assemble the components in a smaller area. The savings in battery costs would be noticeable, getting between 40% and 50% cheaper on the iPhone 12 5G.

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iPhone 12 could use cheaper batteries because of 5G costs

According to Kuo’s estimates, the necessary adjustments to make the iPhone compatible with the 5G are not cheap, so Apple needs to cut costs from where it can, while not reducing its margins. The parts needed to adapt to sub-6 frequencies (below 6 GHz) should cost between $75 and $85 per iPhone, but the devices will also need to adapt to millimeter waves (above 20 GHz), and this will cost between $125 and $135.

It is not known whether the reduction in battery cost will be enough to bring down the necessary values ​​for the 5G, but there are rumors that the company may not include headphones or chargers in the box, which can help to minimize the impact. It is also unknown whether the adoption of different and cheaper battery technology will impact the component’s performance.

Previously, South Korean’s regulatory documents for device certification indicate that the iPhone 12 batteries must have a lower capacity than the iPhone 11. However, that does not necessarily mean underperforming if the device as a whole is more economical in power consumption energy. This year, Apple has confirmed that the iPhone 12 will hit the market a little later than usual, in October.


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