Apple likely to launch cheaper Watch version in 2021

Apple recognises itself as a premium brand in the market. It has worked its way up the ladder with the MacBooks, iPhone and Watch. But every now and then, the company looks to offer products that are below its premium status. Which is why you have the iPhone SE 2020, and reports suggest we will soon get an Apple Watch SE.

Yes, that’s right. Apple is reportedly working on a cheaper version of the Watch. And considering the premium prices of the Watch these days, that’s not a bad idea. This development comes via reliable tipster Komiya, who tweeted the details. The Watch SE (most likely the name), will be replacing the Watch Series 3 and launch around March next year.

And to keep the cost of the device on the affordable side, Apple will be recycling the design of its older Watch models. This is similar to how the iPhone SE 2020 came into existence. The company used the materials from previous iPhone versions and improved on the internals. With the Watch SE, we’d expect the basic features to be offered, and of course, running on the WatchOS platform. And finally, the tipster claims Apple Watch SE will not only look like the Watch 3 but also get the same price tag as well. So, for $199 you’re getting a brand new Watch from Apple with decent set of hardware in tow.

Apple Watch Series 6 features tipped

Apple is expected to launch its latest Watch Series 6 in September this year. Ahead of the official unveiling, a tipster has revealed the possible features of the upcoming Apple Watch. As per a new leak from Max Weinbach and EverythingApplePro, the Watch Series 6 might be able to monitor a person’s mental health. The smartwatch would be able to track stress levels, and even give panic attack alerts. Apple’s main goal is to “detect panic attacks before they happen, warn the user beforehand and offer assistance (such as breathing exercises),” Weinbach said.


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