Apple could launch iPhone 12 series in two phases this year

Apple iPhone 12 series faces supply issues this year, forcing the launch to be delayed. But now it has been pointed out, the issues could be larger than imagined. This is likely to force Apple to host two separate events to launch the new iPhones. According to Digitimes, the company will launch two 6.1-inch iPhone models in the first stage.

And it will host another event to launch the 5.4-inch and 6.7-inch variants of the iPhone 12. Going by this estimate, we expect to see four iPhones as part of the 12 series later this year. The reason for delay and launch schedule changes is the production issues caused by the pandemic this year.

Apple, like every other technology company had to work out its production and shipping contingency plans. And since most of the production is done in China, the product cycle delays were expected. So, while we are used to seeing new iPhones in September, this year might be different. And the Digitimes report pretty much confirms it. With this, we expect Apple to host the events in the latter part of October, with shipping to start from November.

Apple iPhone 12 with 5G faces launch delay

The delay was also hinted by Qualcomm few weeks back. According to a recent report from The Verge, Qualcomm said that it is looking at an impact on the Q4 earnings as a 5G smartphone is getting delayed.

Moreover, Qualcomm’s chief financial officer Akash Palkhiwala confirmed a delay in shipping its 5G chips. He said that the company planned to ship those chips in September initially but that has now been pushed until the end of this year. Usually, a lot of 5G phones are supposed to launch in the next few months from the Android universe. However, the biggest one is expected to be of the iPhone 12 series, which for the first time could transition to 5G connectivity


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