Xiaomi shares details about ‘Lite Mode’ in MIUI 12; Here is how to get started

Smartphone maker Xiaomi is currently working on its latest Android-based in-house skin, MIUI 12. The company is hard at work to roll out the latest version to all its supported devices. In fact, the company has already released the MIUI 12 upgrade to a number of devices across different price segments. Some devices have already received stable beta versions of the update in recent weeks. As Xiaomi continues to work on expanding the update, it is also sharing details about the latest MIUI features. The company has just posted information about a new “Lite Mode” on its official Mi Community forum. Let’s check out how the Lite Mode works on the Xiaomi MIUI 12 here.

MIUI 12 Lite Mode; How to get started

According to a dedicated forum post, the company revealed that the “Lite Mode” is a “more simplified” version of MIUI. It also outlined how the user can access this new mode. MIUI 12 users need to follow the following steps to enable the “Lite Mode” on their device.

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Step 1:

Head to the “Settings” app and select the “Special Features” menu.

Step 2:

Find the last option in the list called “Lite mode” and tap on it to open. Next, tap on the “Turn on Lite mode” button at the bottom of the screen.

The overall UI of the “Lite Mode” is somewhat similar to what we have seen on the regular MIUI 12. Though, this mode makes the icons bigger, the text larger, and removes visual clutter. However, this mode allows users to select direct contacts and things of importance on their home screen for quicker access. This means that this mode is particularly helpful for users who find the complete smartphone experience confusing. The mode can also be helpful for users with visual impairment.

Taking a closer look, the home screen three shortcuts at the bottom including Calling, Messages, and Camera. In addition, we will get a “+” or Add button on the home screen. Users can use this to add quick access to contacts on the home screen. Xiaomi MIUI users can follow the same steps as above to find the “off” button for the Lite mode.

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