WhatsApp Business update brings QR codes, animated stickers and more; check details

The WhatsApp Business app is about to get a bunch of new features including support for QR codes and links to products. The new features will be helpful to businesses that can now have a more interactive and intuitive conversation with interested customers. WhatsApp Business already allows businesses to interact with customers, create business profiles, and set away messages and greeting messages.

The new WhatsApp Business features will help businesses grow closer to their existing and prospective customers by maintaining a closer connection during the pandemic when physical visits to an offline store are difficult. WhatsApp has also revealed that of the 50 million WhatsApp Business users globally, about 15 million are Indian. Check out the three main new features in detail below.

QR codes

One of the most frustrating bits of chatting with the business account of any service was that users had to first add the number to their contact list and then open the chatbox of the account. Now, this process has gotten much easier with the introduction of QR codes. WhatsApp Business accounts can now set QR codes on their receipts, packaging, and more to allow users to interact easily.

WhatsApp Business users who want to implement this feature can do it by heading over to More options > Business Tools > Short link > View QR Code. On iOS, this setting is under Settings > Business Tools > Short Link > QR Code.

Improved Catalog Sharing

WhatsApp Business users can now also enjoy sharing their product catalogs with their customers easily. The feature has been useful in the past, providing a direct link to products easily for interested users. Now the new update improves the sharing of both catalogs and individual products to other platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

‘Open for business’ Stickers

The third feature introduced is a sticker pack with over 20 animated sticker designs. These aim at maintaining a positive interaction between WhatsApp business accounts and its customers. The stickers include elements like ‘out of stock’, ‘sale’, ‘closing soon’, ‘address please’, free delivery’, ‘back in stock’, ‘closed’, among others, all words you’d normally find outside an offline store.

To get the new sticker pack, tap the emoji icon in your chatbox and head over to Stickers > Add, and you should see the new pack. Tap on the download icon next to the pack and it should show in your list of stickers.

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