Ubisoft announces Hyper Scape Battle Royale game for PC

After several rumors and previews, Ubisoft has finally revealed Hyper Scape, the company’s new battle royale FPS. The game will be free to play and will arrive on Xbox One, PS4, and PC in 2020.

Ubisoft has planned a technical test period for Hyper Scape on the PC, which started this Thursday and should last until July 7. However, India is not part of the list of participating countries. Other trial periods will be made available before launch.

The game is set in a virtual reality world called Hyper Scape, where the focus is on the Crown Rush mode. In it, 100 players are divided between teams of three members each, and the last surviving team wins. But, a final challenge may arise when there are few players: to capture a crown and hold it for 45 seconds without dying. There is also the Dark Haze Solo mode to play alone and in the dark.

Ubisoft confirms Hyper Scape has integration with Twitch

One of the peculiarities of the game is that the map is totally urban. The city, which is inspired by Paris, France, also contains jumping platforms that increase gameplay’s verticality. Those who watch Hyper Scape matches on Twitch can earn rewards. During the technical test, it will be possible to vote for events that take place within the game. When the title is released, viewers will also be able to unlock benefits while watching the game’s broadcasts.

The PC technical test includes nine types of weapons and nine “hacks”. That function as special abilities that can, for example, offer teleportation and invisibility to players. All progress made on the test will be loaded into the final game. To play (if you are in one of the selected countries), you need to watch Hyper Scape matches on Twitch and wait for a Twitch Drop, which will grant you access to the test.

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