Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 new features leaked; Hand gestures, fall detection and more confirmed

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 is one of the most awaited wearables of this year. Ahead of the Samsung Galaxy Unpacked event on August 5, where Samsung is expected to launch the new Galaxy Watch 3, we have new information on the wearable. This time, the information comes straight from Samsung in the form of the Galaxy Watch 3 plugin for the Wearable app.

While the plugin itself doesn’t reveal much, XDA dug deeper into the code to find clues to a few new features that we will see on the upcoming Galaxy Watch 3. These include support for hand gestures, screenshots, and more.

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Hand gestures

First and foremost, we will likely be seeing support for hand gestures on the Galaxy Watch 3. There is a clench-and-unclench gesture that will reportedly let you take calls on the go. When you receive a phone call, all you have to do is clench up and unclench your fist to take the phone call. The presence of a mic and speaker on the watch means you don’t need to take your phone out at all. Similarly, if you do not want to take the phone call, you can just shake your hand to ignore it.


Another way to take a screen capture is reportedly added in the Galaxy Watch 3. Instead of holding down on one of the buttons and swiping on the screen, users now have the ability to hold down both buttons on the side of the Samsung Galaxy Watch to tale a screenshot. This will be much easier since users who take screenshots on smartphones are accustomed to taking screenshots by pressing down two buttons.

Galaxy Watch 3 to feature fall detection

Samsung is adding a new Fall detection feature that might help save lives in case of emergencies. The new feature will detect anytime a user has a fall. It will then ring for the next 60 seconds. If the user does not respond, the watch will text your exact location along with a 5 second sound recording to your emergency contacts. There is also another option for placing an SOS call on falling instead. However, you will have to preset the list of emergency contacts.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 to be announced on August 5

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 is expected to be announced on August 5 in four different variants. As per rumors, two of these will be LTE enabled while the other two will only support Bluetooth connectivity. Stay tuned to get all the updates straight from the event.


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