Redmi K40 series with OLED screen and high refresh rate could be in the works

At the end of last year, Redmi unveiled the first devices of its Redmi K30 series. The company launched the 4G and 5G versions of the premium mid-range segment. Several months later, in March of this year, the Xiaomi sub-brand launched the high-end versions of this series: the Redmi K30 Pro and its Zoom Edition.

In addition, we’ve had a couple of variants of the original K30, like the Redmi K30i and the Redmi K30 Speed ​​Edition (with the new Snapdragon 768G SoC). Now it appears that the company has closed the lineup and has started working on phones in the upcoming Redmi K40 series.

Redmi K40 series is already in development

The information is not a rumor since the Redmi K40 series‘ development has been officially confirmed by senior managers from Xiaomi and Redmi. First, Wang Teng Thomas, product manager for Redmi, confirmed that the Redmi K40 series would feature OLED technology displays. But that’s not all, Thomas also confirmed that these OLED displays will enjoy a high refresh rate.

This will be a significant improvement compared to the K30 series. First, because in those mid-range models, we find LCD screens instead of OLED, although to compensate for this, they have high refresh rates of 120Hz. It would even be an improvement over the high-end Pro versions. Since, although they have OLED screens, they maintain a standard refresh rate of 60Hz.

Pro version would have stereo speakers

In addition to the above, Lei Jun, the CEO of Xiaomi, has provided other information about the series. He hinted that the K40 Pro would have stereo speakers in its body. This will be another very good upgrade, as no K30 series phone offers stereo speakers. At the moment, that’s what we know about this upcoming series of devices. The company has only just begun to confirm that it is working on them. Hence, it is still too early to get all their details in depth.


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