PUBG Mobile: Now another Punjab teen spends Rs 2 lakh in-game from his grandfather’s pension account

Hot on the heels of the incident that saw a Punjab teenager spending Rs 16 lakh from his parents account on PUBG Mobile, another similar incident has surfaced. This new incident saw another Pujnab teen from the small town of Mohali spending Rs 2 lakh from his grandfather’s pension account. This new incident shows that this has become a recurring problem with some teens in India.

According to a report by Tribune India, the teenager started playing the game back in January says the uncle. The teenager apparently used his grandfather’s account details to create a Paytm account. This was in turn used to spend money to buy UC (Unknown Currency) for PUBG  Mobile. PUBG Mobile is a free to play game, and money won’t give players any unfair advantage. But the game makes its money by selling skins, cosmetics and other items in the game. These alter appearance of the characters, weapons as well as vehicles in the game.

The family alleges that he was taught how to secretly create his grandfather’s account and siphon off funds by a senior in school. The family caught on only when they made a routine check into the grandfather’s account. The family has reported against the boy’s senior who taught him these tricks. Mohali SSP Kuldeep Singh Chahal has been notified over email about the senior. The older boy is apparently a resident of Zirakpur, which is a small town in Mohali district. The teenage claims that he apparently sent money to the senior as well for buying UC.

The boy’s uncle said that the boy even got a new SIM to play the game. He mentioned, “Earlier, when we used to find some cash missing from our wallets, we did not pay much heed to the boy.”

It was recently reported that PUBG Mobile has seen the most downloads from India. But in terms of revenue India is still not even in the top three countries.


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