PUBG Mobile Ancient Secret Event leaks ahead of launch

PUBG Mobile is all set to get a new season 14 soon and before that the upcoming Ancient Secret Event has leaked. This new mode seems to confirm our hunch that the upcoming season will be themed after ancient Egypt and mythology. The Ancient Secret Event leaks show the gameplay on this new mode.

Ancient Secret Event: Leaked details

A match in the Ancient Secret Event mode starts off like any other match on the Erangel map. But suddenly from a large structure, a titan made of sand rises out. The skies are covered in a sandstorm and the titan invokes three ancient egyptian buildings. These buildings then disappear and reappear in different parts of the map. These buildings are similar to ‘Ruins’ on the Sanhok map, but are clearly ancient Egyptian. These buildings when people land on them start flying high in the sky.

The loot in these buildings is top tier, and there are puzzles to get even more loot. Players can defeat a mummy to get the best guns and armor in the game. Players have to jump off these buildings and use parachutes to reach land or other floating buildings around.

Besides this, other details about the next season has been leaked by Mr Ghost Gaming on his YouTube channel. The supposed trailer of the upcoming season has also been leaked. According to leaks the upcoming season is set to feature the Royale Pass called ‘Spark The Flame’.

Some of the sets leaked seem to be inspired from the Egyptian mythology. The posters, frames, as well as the rewards have been showed in the video. There are new skins, costumes, headgear coming with the next season. As for the trailer it seems to be show the character skins that have been leaked which means that it is possibly real.

PUBG Mobile Season 14: Confirmed details

As for the details that are confirmed, PUBG Mobile Season 14 will bring the new Livik map. This was only available in closed beta and the devs made it official recently on social media. PUBG Mobile confirmed that the secret map is called Livik Map. And now the developers have shared a new tweet which announces that the upcoming update 0.19.0 will be released on July 7.

We have played the new secret map which we expect to be the Livik map and though it was not the final version of the map. We found the map rather small and would make for some tight action. From what we have played it is apparent that the map is rather small, and could be 2x2km in size. This would make it the smallest map yet.

When experiencing the gameplay of Livik Map that will be added with update 0.19.0, right off the bat you will notice that it has elements from all the other four maps in each corner. There are some new weapons on this map as well, these include the P90 SMG as well as the SPAS-12 shotgun. The inclusion of these weapons along with how abundantly guns are available, goes to show that the devs want this to be an action packed map.

The Livik map is littered with buildings and obstacles. These will also help in combat by providing cover while engaging the enemy. There are some new buildings in the map as well. Plus there are some which show that some buildings from the other maps are also being used here.

Though this is an extremely small map there are some vehicles. These will still be useful to rush players and take cover behind. The old vehicles like the Buggy, Bike, and the UAZ are present. Besides these there is a new monster truck in the map which can run over anything. This vehicle goes over boulders and other cars. The Livik Map is playable right now on the open beta version of PUBG mobile which features the update 0.19.0.


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