Netflix now available for Google Nest Hub series

Netflix content is now compatible with Google’s Nest Hub devices that support the display. This means you can install the video streaming app and play content through the 7 or 10-inch Nest Hub devices. To make this work, all you have to do is connect the Netflix app to your Assistant account via the Google Home app.

While both the companies haven’t officially talked about the support, multiple reports have confirmed the update. The option to play Netflix content is available to Nest Hub users across the globe. But it’s intriguing that a device with display till now didn’t support one of the popular video streaming apps in market. Maybe this has to do with Netflix not deeming the Nest Hub series a viable streaming device. After all, Google has usually projected its 7 or 10-inch Nest Hub series as the ideal device to watch cooking recipes in the kitchen, or to control smart appliances in the home.

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The same goes for Amazon Prime Video as well, which is yet to offer support for the Nest Hub devices. And with Netflix opening gates for the ecosystem, we’re hopeful Amazon will do it as well in the near future. Before this, Nest Hub was offering support for platforms like Disney+ Hotstar, Hulu and CBS All Access in select countries.

Netflix tries new Rs 349 plan in India

The platform has started testing a new plan for its users in India. The new Rs 349 Netflix Mobile+ plan will be placed between the affordable Rs 199 plan and the standard Rs 699 plan. The new Netflix Mobile+ Plan includes some benefits over the Rs 199 plan. It offers access to computer screens as well. This includes Windows, Macs, and Chromebooks.

This is better than the 199 plan because users are no more limited to SD (standard definition) and one mobile screen. However, there are still some restrictions on the Mobile+ plan. You still cannot access the Netflix account on a TV or on two screens at the same time.


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