Intel 7nm chipset launch for PCs delayed till 2022

Intel’s 7nm architecture chipset for PC has hit further delays. This is the second time when Intel is struggling with the production of its PC chips over the past few years. The company had issues coming out with the 10nm processors earlier, and now the 7nm chipsets are not expected to hit the market before early 2022.

“The company’s 7nm-based CPU product timing is shifting approximately six months relative to prior expectations,” as highlighted by Intel in its Q2 2020 earnings report. The company adds the yield of Intel’s 7nm process is trending approximately twelve months behind its internal target.

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Intel’s delay means AMD could take advantage of its clear position 7nm chipset market. AMD has already launched PCs running Ryzen 4000 chipsets. And media reviews suggest AMD already has the upper hand over Intel’s 10nm SoC. So, it’s imperative that Intel gets back to the drawing board and rolls out the 7nm processors at the earliest. After all, Intel is no longer operating in the mobile space, which means PC is their only way to building for future success.

The delay with the new generation chipset could also force Intel to continue with the production of 10nm processors. And this could invariably affect the product strategy for Intel’s OEM partners like HP, Dell, and Asus among others.

Intel’s new Thunderbolt 4.0 is here

Earlier this month, Intel revealed the details for the Thunderbolt 4.0 standard. The new standard is aimed at delivering increased minimum performance requirements, expanded capabilities, and compliance for USB4 specification compliance.

Thunderbolt 4 will offer docks with up to four Thunderbolt ports. It will also support universal cables up to 2 meters in length. Intel’s upcoming mobile PC processors, code-named “Tiger Lake,” will be the first to integrate the new Thunderbolt 4. Intel also announced the Thunderbolt 4 controller 8000 series, which is compatible with many existing Thunderbolt 3 PCs and accessories. Thunderbolt 4 developer kits and certification testing are now available.


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