Instagram starts testing Reels in India, could launch soon

Instagram is reportedly testing its TikTok alternative platform in India. According to news report, the company is looking to take advantage of TikTok’s ban in the country. And to make the best of the situation it has started testing Reels platform this month.

The feature is only available to select set of Instagram users in India right now. Unlike TikTok which is a separate platform, Reels comes within Instagram. The feature made its debut back in 2019 when it was available in limited markets. But the Facebook-owned platform looks set to offer the feature for its Indian users as well.

Instagram didn’t confirm launch of Reels in India but in the report, the company said the feature is rolling out to more countries. And it can’t be a co-incidence that Reels has been found testing in India.

Instagram Reels details

Taking a closer look at Reels, the tool allows users to record short 15-second videos. Users can adjust the speed, set a music clip in the background or use audio used from other users. Using the audio from other users is similar tot he “Duet” feature present on TikTok. Once users are done editing the video, they can share the final clips on their stories. In addition, they can also share the clips with their friends on Direct. Beyond this, Instagram also allows users to post their clips in a new section called “Top Reels”. This section is available in the Explore tab on the app.

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TikTok has got millions of users from India in short span of time. Since its ban in the country, we’ve come across local platforms gaining traction. And looking at this, it’s understandable that Facebook wants a piece of this market. We’re hoping that Reels will be customised to support localised features. After all, majority of TikTok’s userbase came from the non-metro regions, who’re proficient in languages other than English.


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