Huawei files patent for smartphone design with an attachable zoom lens

Huawei seems eager to stay at the top of DxOMark’s ranking of the best smartphone cameras. Despite the difficulties that the company has faced lately, it does not want to give up its dominance in the field of photography. For this, the Chinese tech giant has now patented a smartphone design with an attachable external zoom lens at the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO).

Huawei’s bet on Traditional Zoom lens camera

While several manufacturers include the periscopic zoom system that Huawei used back in the Huawei P30 Pro, it appears that the Chinese giant is taking a step forward (or backward) with a new old zoom system. Although the patent’s exact details were not explained initially. It does showcase a smartphone an external lens at the back. Something very similar to what is already possible on DSLR cameras.

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Unfortunately, there are no details on the operation of the system by Huawei, but the following images perfectly convey the idea of ​​what users could have at their disposal. It’s hard to imagine how Huawei could improve this. But advancements in zoom capabilities are among the most prominent areas where things can improve. And there are two possible ways for Huawei to implement something similar to what is shown in its patent.

The first is through an accessory. But we have already seen those reaching the market and being practically abandoned by users. The other would be to include a mechanism inside the smartphone itself. That protrudes outwards when zooming, and this may be the ideal solution as per the patent images.

Currently, the Huawei P40 Pro+ is the company’s mobile with the best capable zoom system. It uses up to two telephoto lenses: one that has a 10x zoom sensor in optical format. The second telephoto camera has a 3x optical zoom. The mixture of both allows a 20x hybrid zoom and a digital zoom of up to 100x.


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