Google launches SmartReply feature for YouTube Studio; makes replying to comments easier

Google is rolling out a new feature for YouTube Studio: SmartReply. The new feature analyzes the comments under the YouTube clips and offers possible answers based on them. Since videos with more engagement experience a reach boost on the part of the platform.

According to the source, Google faced a difficult challenge with its integration. The applicability of SmartReply for YouTube is a little different as the comments within the platform vary from those of Gmail. This language processing model had to adapt to more complex patterns, emojis, abbreviated words, slang, inconsistent use of punctuation, among other characteristics.

For the new feature to be practical, the Google developers had to design a new SmartReply system. This must support the use of different languages ​​in the comments, and the feature can recognize and understand language patterns.

“We are now excited to share an updated SmartReply built for YouTube and implemented in YouTube Studio that helps creators engage more easily with their viewers. This model learns comment and reply representation through a computationally efficient dilated self-attention network. It also represents the first cross-lingual and character byte-based SmartReply model,” the company said in its Google AI blog post.

Google brings smart reply to YT Studio

SmartReply is based on machine learning and therefore adapts the following answers to the wording of the changed answers. However, this functionality will not be available for all user comments at the moment. Since this improved and updated version of SmartReply will make suggestions only in two cases.

The first, when the creator is likely to respond to the user’s comment, and the second, when the model has a high probability of providing a “sensible and specific response” to the comment made. Finally, Google mentions that SmartReply for YouTube is currently available in English and Spanish. However, it expects to activate it for more languages ​​in the future. This could also enrich the SmartReply version for Gmail.


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