Google Chrome to start accepting biometric payments soon

Google Chrome is the most popular web browser in the market. The platform has been regularly updated to support new features. And now reports say the browser will offer biometric payment option. Since Google already has payment details for your card, mobile will soon get the option to auto-fill payment details. For added security, they can use biometric feature to accept the payment request.

This feature has been spotted on Chrome for Android but it’s yet to release for all users. Digital payment has become popular for its convenience. And with majority of users across the globe using Android, and Chrome, offering this feature sounds like a smart move.

After all, you already have Google Pay platform which uses biometric feature for payments within the app. So it won’t be that hard for Google to integrate the feature on Chrome as well. And by the looks of it, the source code of the browser has been changed to make the feature compatible. Windows already has Hello feature as its biometric option, Chrome could also benefit from a similar integration. This will ensure you don’t have to scramble to get hold of your card number and CVV number to make the payment.

Google Chrome feature updates

Chrome is notorious for being one of the most resource-consuming browsers, which end up taking a toll on your battery if you happen to be using it on a laptop. Now it seems Google is trying to resolve this issue by making some neat changes to Google Chrome.

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Technical documents obtained from Google details a new feature for Google Chrome in development. This feature will come into effect starting from Chrome 86. It will have a new flag in the browser which will limit the JavaScript timer wake ups on background pages. The company is reportedly going to set this value to 1 per minute, just like Apple’s Safari.


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