Google Chrome new feature could significantly extend your laptop’s battery life

Google Chrome is considered to be one of the fastest browsers out there. Chrome is, however, also notorious for being one of the most resource-consuming browsers, which end up taking a toll on your battery if you happen to be using it on a laptop. Now it seems Google is trying to resolve this issue by making some neat changes to Google Chrome.

A recent report by TheWindowsClub states the same. Technical documents obtained from Google details a new feature for Google Chrome in development. This feature will come into effect starting from Chrome 86. Google is set to deliver a new flag in the browser which will limit the JavaScript timer wakeups on background pages. The company is reportedly going to set this value to 1 per minute, just like Apple’s Safari.

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The Google Chrome vs Safari test

The seemingly small and insignificant tweak has pretty big changes in the battery life of a portable machine like a laptop. In a test described by 9to5google, a laptop lasted 6.4 hours using Chrome and 9.3 hours using Safari. However, after the same change, the battery life went up to 8.2 hours on Chrome. This nearly 2 hours of extra battery life, which is a lot.

The test had a single blank tab open in the foreground of the browser. There were 36 tabs open in the background. A separate test saw a fullscreen YouTube video playing with a few background tabs open. While the results were not as big in this test, a notable increase in battery life was still observed.

It is important that we don’t take the numbers in this test too seriously as the test is not a representation of actual real-life usage. Still, the step can be a first for many who simply do not use Google Chrome on their laptops because of the effect it has on their up-time.


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