Apple patents a glass keyboard design with RGB keycaps

If you frequently use laptops, you will know that most of them are resistant and last for many years. However, one of the first thing that starts to wear out is the keyboard. The symbols on the keys get erased while the keycaps themselves deteriorate quickly. Apple has a solution.

Apple’s new Glass keyboard design

To solve this issue, Apple keyboards may soon have glass keys, which would make them more durable and allow the entire key to light up. Apple has now obtained a patent for a keyboard with “transparent keys” that refer primarily to the use of glass to make keys stronger and to offer other possible features.

“When used as typing surfaces or other touch interfaces, these materials can be durable and difficult to blemish or scratch. Even when subjected to millions of use cycles,” the application says. “Many visually pleasing solutions lack the durability for such an extended function.”

Photo: Checkersaga

The solution proposed by Apple includes a glass key in which the letter or symbol of the key is glued to the inner surface to prevent the wear out. Apple’s patent application first reported by Checkersaga describes in detail how the top of the key could be molded. Moreover, it also talks about another option with something having to do with backlighting.

The patent says that “the keycap can more dramatically change color if the backlight illumination changes color. For example, dual-color or RGB LEDs used for backlighting can change the color of a larger proportion of the keycap.”

So the proposed process would change the way the backlight is done. Instead of the light shining through the letter of the key and around its sides. It could be illuminated around the keystroke except for the letter. It is worth noting that this design is still a patent, and Apple may or may not use it anytime soon. The company filed this patent back in Q2 2019.


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