13-year-old boy kills self over tiff with family regarding PUBG Mobile

Another incident has surfaced that where a 13-year-old boy killed himself over a tiff with his father regarding playing PUBG. The teenager hailed from Qasbayar village of Southern district Pulwama and was apparently stopped from playing PUBG Mobile by his family. The boy has been identified, but we would leave out the name for the sake of the family.

The boy and his younger brother apparently had an argument over the game. Eventually, the older brother was found to have committed suicide. The locals are now clamoring for awareness regarding popular games.

Another recent incident around PUBG Mobile saw a teenager from Punjab has reportedly spent Rs 16 lakh on the game. Reports claim that the 17-year-old from the town of Kharar spent money from his father and mother’s account. He spent the money buying in-game cosmetic items which do not give an edge to the player, but can be used to flaunt styles. Micro-transactions are part of PUBG Mobile which allows real money to be transferred for UC or Unknown Currency.

The boy apparently informed his parents that he is extensively using the smartphone for studies. But he used this time to play the game and made several transactions which resulted in the final amount. The boy’s father is a government employee and said, “I had saved the money for my medical needs and my son’s future. During the lockdown, I was staying at the place of my posting, while my son was staying with my wife here. He used her mobile phone to make all transactions and would delete the message regarding amount debited from account.”

To alleviate the concern of the parents, studies have found that video games don’t have any effect on people’s tendencies towards violence. There have been numerous studies that have come to this conclusion, and the most recent one took place in the Oxford University where the researchers claimed that their findings were opposed to the popular belief.

source https://www.bgr.in/gaming/13-year-old-boy-kills-self-over-tiff-with-family-regarding-pubg-mobile-904080/

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