Xiaomi phone with 16GB RAM could launch soon

Xiaomi could soon become part of an elite segment for smartphones. The company is reportedly working on a phone with 16GB RAM, which is offered by few brands right now. It’s funny that the thought of phones with 16GB RAM doesn’t shock us anymore. This has become possible ever since the 6 and 8GB RAM variants have become extremely common.

After all, you can get phones costing up to Rs 15,000 with 6GB RAM, making it easily accessible to consumers. The trend has also shifted to 12GB RAM devices, something that OnePlus and Samsung have already got on board with. Later this year, Samsung is expected to launch Galaxy Note 20 with 12GB RAM as the standard. That’s how RAM-crazy it is out there right now.

Coming back to Xiaomi, the brand is most likely going to use its Mi Mix series to offer the 16GB RAM variant. This update has been teased by tipster Digital Chat Station earlier this week. Samsung is the manufacturer of both 12 and 16GB RAM packages. The company started mass production of the higher RAM variant from February this year.

It’s understandable that Xiaomi wants to be recognised among the smartphone elite. The company has revamped its Mi product line up, even in India, to be categorised in the premium segment. The Mi 10 is a prime example of its ambition, and the Mi Mix shows its potential as a technology disrupter. Which is why packing a Xiaomi phone with 16GB RAM doesn’t surprise us anymore, and we’re hoping to hear more about this device very soon.

Xiaomi Notebook launch in India

Xiaomi is set to launch a new laptop in India on June 11. With the Mi Notebook lineup, Xiaomi will enter a new product segment and challenge incumbent players such as Lenovo, HP and Dell. However, this battle is not expected to be fought in the same way that Xiaomi did in the smartphone segment. In fact, the Mi Notebook from Xiaomi is tipped to be priced in the same range as its rivals

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