Valorant is hardware banning cheaters and they just can’t play anymore

Valorant developers Riot Games before the launch of the game had promised that it would come with a top notch anti-cheat system. And it seems like they have delivered on their promise with hardware bans no less. Riot Games is using a it’s Riot Vanguard software which initializes with the PC boot. And this profiles hardware and the game will not launch without this.

The anti-cheat system of Valorant works by identifying the cheat and then issuing a HWID ban. This means that the hardware specifications of the particular PC is recorded when the ban is issued to the cheater. Which means no matter how many new alternate ID are created to use in the game, playing on that PC will get all of them banned. Banning accounts on a free game like Valorant is rather pointless, since players would just go ahead and create a new one. But replacing a whole PC is a lot more difficult, and would discourage cheaters.

Riot Games recently unleashed a ban wave where it banned 200 people in one night. Besides these players were banned during the beta phase of the game as well. They thought that these would be reversed when the game launched internationally.

But that was not the case and those accounts are still banned. CEO of Riot Games, Nicolo Laurent recently shared a conversation with a cheater who promised to have learnt a lesson and no cheat again. But the CEO just replied,”Sorry, no second chances for cheaters.”

Besides this a Twitter user by the name of Anti-Cheat Police Department shared screenshots of a private sub-Reddit where players bought cheats. This particular cheat is called the pixelbot and just locks on to enemy players in the game. From the screenshots it is pretty apparent that the admin who seems involved in the team making the cheats, is rather mad with this development.


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