Solar Eclipse 2020: How to watch live online, Surya Grahan India time and other details

If you like watching astronomical events like solar eclipse, then you will get a glimpse of it today. In India, Surya Grahan will begin at 10:22AM and continue till 1:41PM. This is an annular solar eclipse that sky gazers will be able to see as a “ring of fire” in the sky. Read on to know more about it.

Solar eclipse 2020/Surya Grahan: Where to watch online in India

Indian Institute of Astrophysics is hosting a live stream of today’s solar eclipse and we have embedded the live stream link. The maximum eclipse will take place at around 12:10. An annular solar eclipse occurs when the angular diameter of the moon falls short of that of the sun and it fails to cover up the latter completely. As a result, a ring of the sun’s disk remains visible around the moon. Besides, if you miss this one, then India will be able to witness the next annular solar eclipse on May 21, 2031 and a total solar eclipse on March 20, 2034.

How to watch 2020 solar eclipse: Precautions

It is advised to not look at the Sun directly, even for a very short time period. To catch a glimpse of solar eclipse, use special glasses for this purpose. One can also use binoculars or small telescopes to project a magnified image of the sun on a white card. The safest technique to catch the glimpse solar eclipse or surya grahan is either by using a proper filter like aluminized Mylar, black polymer, welding glass of shade number 14. The other method is to make a projection of the sun’s image on a whiteboard by telescope.

Solar eclipse 2020 or Surya Grahan: Other details

In India, the obscuration of the sun by the moon at the time of the greatest phase of the annular eclipse will be nearly 98.6 percent. Obscuration of the sun by the moon at the time of the greatest phase of partial eclipse will be around 94 percent in Delhi, 80 percent in Guwahati, 78 percent in Patna, 75 percent in Silchar, 66 percent in Kolkata, 62 percent in Mumbai, 37 percent in Bangalore, 34 percent in Chennai, 28 percent in Port Blair.

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