Signal adds photo blur feature for users

Signal messaging app is allowing users to blur photos with a new feature. The company is rolling out the option for editing via a new update in the coming weeks. Signal is a useful tool for communicating in private and secure manner. The app is used by activists and journalists across the globe for this basic purpose. And the new photo blur feature will work against people being tracked.

As per reports, the update will let users make changes to an image before they send it. The blur tool can either edit the face automatically or users can do it themselves. Signal says the blur option will be able to detect the face in the photo and make the changes. The processing of the image stays within the device, making sure the data does not leak to other sources.

Signal offers varied secure features that appeals to users. It lets you chat privately with its end-to-end encryption. Voice and video calls on Signal are secure behind the network. You can send messages with a countdown called disappearing messages. The blur option will be the latest tool for Signal users.

With thousands of people protesting against government across the globe, tools like these come in handy. The police these days uses phones to capture photos of those raising their voice. They match the photo with their database to identify the people. Chances of figuring out those people will become harder for the cops, if the faces are blurred.

WhatsApp founder invests

Back in 2018, Brian Acton, the co-founder of WhatsApp, invested $50 million in Signal!

Moxie Marlinspike, creator of Signal, announced the launch of Signal Foundation, which will build and maintain Signal and potentially other privacy-focused apps to come. WhatsApp co-founder Brian Acton, left WhatsApp and parent company Facebook in September 2017. And he has used a fair-sized chunk of his WhatsApp billions by personally injecting $50 million into the project.

Not only is he investing all that fortune, he is also joining the foundation as an executive chairman, which his first new role since leaving WhatsApp.


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